Daryl "Darius" Brin

A recently awoken witch. Edgy with Sinister Eyes.


Character Statistics

Hot: -1

Cold: 1

Volatile: -1

Dark: 2

Known Moves

  • Sympathetic Tokens
  • Hex-Casting
  • Sanctuary

Known Hexes

  • Illusions
  • _????

Known Sympathetic Tokens



Son of Reginald and Linda Brin, Daryl Brin was born in privilege as the heir to the Brin Software fortune. Located in nearby Redmond, Washington, Brin Software provides computer solutions for businesses around the world and company founder Reginald Brin has amassed extensive influence and wealth. And Daryl wants nothing to do with it. His family arrived in San Lupé a few years ago.

Rejecting his father’s plans that would have his son take his place in the company, Daryl has spent most of his life feeling powerless with no control over his destiny. That all changed last summer when his dreams taught him how to cast spells. Inspired by these new thoughts he’s realized he now has a mystical connection to the written word. Simply touching a book or a letter will allow him to learn it’s essence and feel a connection to it’s author or owner. Awoken as a witch he’s been honing his skills and has taught himself some basic hexes while locked away in his bedroom sanctuary.

Renaming himself as Darius he’s arrived at Monroeville High with a new direction in his life. He has teamed up with Winona Darkstar and Marcel Lundham to aid Winona as The Chosen One. They are the only ones who currently know he is a witch.

Known Affiliations

Reginald Brin – Father and CEO of Brin Software
Linda Brin – Mother
Lupé Lopez – Maid

Bonnie – School Cheerleader, Most Popular, Might Be Into Darius
Pedro – Hexed his lunch in the cafeteria (made food look like snakes)

Trip Sanchez (The Werewolf) – Exchanged letters and photos (has a sympathetic token). Regards Darius as part of his “pack”
Winona Darkstar (The Chosen) – Exchanged letters and photos (has a sympathetic token). Part of Winona’s “scooby gang”. Knows Darius is a witch
Marcel Lundham (The Vampire) – Party of Winona’s “scooby gang”. Knows Darius is a witch.
Robert Goulet (The Ghoul) – Has caught Darius rummaging through someone’s belongings

Daryl "Darius" Brin

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