Kyrielle Delequois

Died Tragically. Meek with Dull Eyes


Character Statistics

Hot: -1

Cold: 1

Volatile: -1

Dark: 2

Known Moves
Unresolved Trauma



The end came last summer. She died.

Then she came back. And no one noticed that Kyrielle Delequois, the mayor’s daughter, had died. No one noticed her body had been buried in the woods. No one ever noticed her before, why would they start now?

Her father is Mayor Joseph Delequois. A Delequois has always been the mayor of San Lupé. Her mother Marie is a stay at home housewife but has never cared to be a mother and spends most of her time with church groups and city events propping up her husband in his never ending campaign for re-election. The next election is this November and so her parents never noticed when she snuck off with Marcel Lundham and overdosed on the drugs he had brought back from Europe. It was Marcel who buried the body, while still not entirely lucid.

Kyrielle doesn’t know why she came back. But now she has spooky powers and can dissapear like she always wished she could. She’s spent time watching Winona Darkstar, the crazy girl from the Home For Troubled Youths, to see if the stories were true. They were.

Showing up to Monroeville High it’s clear that nothing has changed for Kyrielle. Nobody notices her and she notices nobody. Except they still call her K.D. That’s annoying.

Known Affiliations

Joseph Delequois – Father and Mayor of San Lupé
Marie Delequois – Mother and member of the Church of the Holy Rosary

Ashton – old friend from elementary school. Always late to class, never has time for Kyrielle

PC Relations
Marcel Lundham (The Vampire) – Knows how she died. Buried the body. Surprised to see her back in class (unaware she’s a ghost).
Winona Darkstar (The Chosen) – Spied upon, knows that the rumours of her Night Gasms are true.

Kyrielle Delequois

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