Marcel Lundham

Newly reborn. Predatory with hungry eyes


Character Statistics

Hot: 2

Cold: 1

Volatile: -1

Dark: -2

Known Moves



Son of Corb Lund and Mia Ham, Marcel Lundham has always lived on the edge. In Germany he went over it.

Travelling last summer through Europe with his parents he snuck into a night club in Berlin. Meeting a woman there he followed her home. That’s when she turned him, draining him of his blood and afflicting him with vapirism. Rising the following morning as one of the undead he returned to his parents who were none the wiser. His sire was gone when he awoke and no one has taught him about his new nature. He doesn’t know what the rules are, popular culture has done a great job of making it difficult to learn. He has yet to feed.

One thing he has learned, drugs affect him differently. Things that should kill him can’t, things that are harmless to mortals sting. Something happened when he thought he was drawing lines of cocaine, which was having no affect on him and he passed off as harmless, only to then see his friend Kyrielle overdose from snorting what was actually heroin. He buried her body in his panic in the woods outside the abandoned buildings. But no one came knocking as his door, no one reported her missing, and word is she’s still seen around town and shows up to school. Maybe he made the whole thing up? The nightmares have been getting worse. It’s entirely possible it was all a bad dream. . Kyrielle’s death scared him straight. Even if she’s not dead after all it made thing crystal clear that he’s not human and need to be more careful. Her death saved his unlife.

Returning to school after the summer he’s a new person. There’s a confidence he never had before. People see him differently, seem more attracted to him. He has an almost hypnotic control over people. This year is going to be fun.

Known Affiliations

Corb Lind – Father and postal worker
Mia Ham – Mother and vice-principal of Monroeville High

Liz – classmate and drug dealer. Accidentally sold Marcel the heroin that killed Kyrielle.

Kyrielle Delequois (The Ghost) – You killed her. She saved you. It’s complicated.
Winona Darkstar (The Chosen) – Part of Winona’s “scooby gang”. Does not know Marcel is a vampire.

Marcel Lundham

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