Robert Goulet

Resurrected via Necromancy. Stiff with Hungry Eyes.


Character Statistics

Hot: -1

Cold: 2

Volatile: 1

Dark: -1

Known Moves
The Hunger – FEAR
Short Rest for the Wicked



People thought they’d heard the last of Robert Goulet, but one hot night with a necromancer priest named Rev. E. Nant changed all that!

Raised in secret and homeschooled most of his life Robert is now looks more like his body’s stitched together age and can safely blend into the school population.

From the confines of the Church of the Holy Rosary he watched his peers come and go with their families and in particular the daughter of Mayor Delequois, Kyrielle. It is she who has reminded him what love was before his body was reanimated as a walking corpse.

But it isn’t all spooky spells and love interests. Robert has a hunger. A hunger stoked only by the fire and brimstone sermons of Rev. Nant. Robert hungers for fear. And if he can’t quench that hunger he might never be able to fit into society. Good thing Lance is so afraid of Robert that he’ll do his homework AND feed his hunger all at once.

Known Affiliations

_Reverend Edward Nant _ – “Father”, Priest at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Necromancer
Veera Goulet – Wife of the real Robert Goulet. Disciple of Rev. Nant.

Lance – School nerd. Bullied into doing homework. Terrified of Robert.

Kyrielle Delequois (The Ghost) – Daughter of the mayor. Regularly attended church. Robert’s secret crush and connection to the world of the living.

Robert Goulet

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