Trip Sanchez

Bitten last summer while hunting. Unkempt with Cunning Eyes.


Character Statistics

Hot: 1

Cold: -1

Volatile: 1

Dark: 0

Known Moves
Howl at the Moon
Heightened Senses

Laughed At



Son of Tucker and Eleanor Sanchez, Trip has always struck out on his own. Spending his life growing up on the outskirts of San Lupé, Trip is more comfortable in the wilderness than in town. His father works at the logging camp just outside of town, his friend Pedro’s father works with him. From an early age he’s been taught what he needed to know to hunt and fish and survive in the wilderness, spending some of that time hunting with Pedro and his father as well. But It was on a solo hunt last summer where it was Trip that became the hunted.

Trip has been bitten by a werewolf, whose human identity remains unknown, and is recently going through the first changes not knowing what the “rules” are that govern his new identity. His keen senses have attracted himself to a fellow classmate, Daryl Brin, whom he has been tracking… but is he adding to his pack or considering new prey is not yet known…

Trip is known to get into insult throwing fights with almost anyone, usually butting heads with Robert Goulet and Darius.

Known Affiliations

Tucker Sanchez – Father, works at the logging camp outsite of town, taught Trip all he knows about hunting
Eleanor Sanchez – Mother, works part time at the diner

Pedro – closest thing to a best friend at school. Has gone on hunting trips with Trip and Tucker
Pedro’s father – Fellow hunter, friend of Tucker, foreman at the logging camp

Daryl “Darius” Brin (The Witch) – Regarded as part of Trip’s “pack”. Has exchanged letters and photos.

Trip Sanchez

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