Winona Darkstar

Chosen to defeat evil. Stubborn with Radiant Eyes


Character Statistics

Hot: 1

Cold: -1

Volatile: 2

Dark: -1

Known Moves

Final Showdown
Light the Way



Chosen to defeat a dark evil she must first overcome a dark and mysterious past. Her name is unknown, her first foster family named her Winona and Darkstar was chosen by herself. She bears a mysterious crescent shaped scar on the back of her neck.

Winona has spent her life being bounced between foster homes and group homes. Currently she’s housed in the San Lupe Home For Troubled Youth as her daily night terrors have made it impossible to pair her with a willing family. She’s prone to falling into fits and speaking in tongues and her night terrors are more uncomfortable for those around her as they almost always manifest as powerful, and loud, orgasms. Unable to control these episodes, which almost always come at night, she’s developed a severe case of Insomnia. But the dreams that come to her each night tell her she’s The Chosen One. She’s learned that there monsters in this world and she’s the only one that can stop them. Equipped with this knowledge she’s rounded up her closest friends, Darius and Marcel, unknowingly teaming up with a Witch and a Vampire respectively.

She doesn’t know who her parents were. She’s only known the life of living in a group home. She has no idea what Evil she is meant to face and defeat.

Known Affiliations
Matron Gersten – closest thing to a mother. Strict and cruel she thinks the Night Gasms can be beaten out of Winona

Lance – smartest kid in class. is bullied by classmates to do their homework.
Pedro – hexed by Darius when he was convincing Winona he was a real witch.

Marcel Lundham (The Vampire) – member of the “scooby gang”. Knows Winona is the chosen one. His vampire identity remains secret
Darius (The Witch) - member of the “scooby gang”. Revealed he was a witch in the cafeteria by hexing Pedro

Winona Darkstar

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