The Night Terrors of San Lupé

Prologue - Welcome to San Lupé
In which our monsterhearts go to lunch

The cast of characters have been created.

The Witch, “Daryl ‘Darius’ Brin”, played by Julian
The Chosen One, “Winona Darkstar”, played by Dee
The Werewolf, “Trip Sanchez”, played by Andre
The Vampire, “Marcel Lundham”, played by Mike
The Ghoul, “Robert Goulet”, played by Steph
The Ghost, “Kyrielle Delequois”, played by Cassie

After sharing their origin stories and sitting down for class, introducing our cast of NPC classmates, our monsters headed to the cafeteria.

Gathering her team together Winona met with Darius and Marcel while Trip and his friend Pedro sat across the cafeteria. Robert and Kyrielle, having no need to eat and no friends to share lunch with, were nowhere to be seen.

Asking for an update over the summer, Darius revealed to Winona and Marcel of his new found witch abilities. As a demonstration of his power he hexed Pedro’s meal to appear as a pile of snakes. Pedro fled the cafeteria spilling food all over Trip in the process, earning Trip the condition of “laughed at” and “outsider”.

At the end of the prologue all the monsters true identities remain secret save for Darius revealing his powers to Winona and Marcel.


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